Thermal Solutions

We propose heat countermeasures when considering designs, and offer printed boards with heat countermeasures.


The amount of heat produced by electronic components continues to increase. It is no exaggeration to say that how well this heat can be suppressed determines the performance of the device. Depending on the mounting format, this heat can also move to the printed board, because the majority of the heat generated from the heat source is conduced to the board. Consequently, it is effective to design the printed board upon which the heat source is mounted as a heat sink, thus obtaining a major heat-sink effect simply through consideration for the printed board.

Proposal of heat countermeasures

When the design is being considered, we propose the best heat countermeasures for the customer through our high-precision simulation technologies, measuring technologies, and the expertise in countering heat issues of OKI Circuit Technology and the OKI Group.
(Layer composition, component layout, pattern design, etc.)

Heat analysis services

We offer heat-analysis services using high-precision simulation technologies (3D fluid analysis)

Anti-heat printed boards

We offer highly reliable, high-performance, high-functionality printed boards with excellent heat-radiation characteristics using existing OKI Circuit Technology technologies.

PCB Solid Modeling Service

We build and offer 3D models of your PCB from gerber files.


  • Wiring patterns are precisely embodied.
  • The PCB solid model wholly contains components of your embedded-parts-PWB.
  • The model is available for simulations based on the finite element method.


  • For design reviews with higher quality
  • For more real renderings
  • For simulations with higher accuracy

solid model

JT2Go Viewer

JT2Go Viewer

You can take time to see your PCB by free JT2Go Viewer.