High-speed Transmission

Reducing loss and reflection is a key factor for GHz-speed transmission.
We implement high-speed transmission, taking the impact on board characteristics and design conditions into account.


With GHz-speed printed boards, it is essential to select board specifications and wiring conditions with consideration for the transmission characteristics of the transmission channels (signal wires/vias). Additionally, the pattern layout itself (e.g. the way that wiring is drawn and how vias are created) affects the characteristics during board design. For this reason, the design must be made with an understanding of this impact.


We support high-speed transmission printed boards by maximally combining transmission analysis, layout design, board materials, and manufacturing technologies.

Analysis services

  • 3D electromagnetic field analysis (channels, vias, connectors, etc.)
  • S parameter analysis, eye pattern analysis, TDR analysis, etc.

Measurement and evaluation

  • Characteristic impedance
  • Eye pattern
  • S parameters (4 ports)

Sample analysis