The key is building EMI and EMC measures into the board-design stage.
Many small considerations combine to create strong EMC countermeasures.


The decreased development time and costs of electronic-device development make it essential to counter EMC at the board level. It is possible to make a printed board balancing SI and EMC by simulating transmission and checking EMC rules at the initial stage of design.


  • Counter EMC at early stages of design
  • Noise countermeasures that do not rely on intuition and experience alone
  • Eliminate careless errors by making issues visible

Analysis services

  • Analysis of radiation from signal wiring (SI & EMI)
  • EMC rule checking
  • Analysis of power plane resonance

Other services

  • 3D electromagnetic field analysis
  • Consulting
  • EMC measurement: We will measure and counter EMC at an officially certified testing center in the OKI Group.
    (OKI Engineering Co., Ltd./OKI Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. Takasaki Office)