About Us

Message from the President


In April 2021, OKI Circuit Technology merged with OKI Printed Circuits, a Printed Circuit Board manufacturer within the OKI Group.

By merging the strengths of the two companies cultivated since their founding, we will further enhance our corporate value and provide products that contribute to development of the information society. Likewise, we will seek to contribute to convenience, comfort, and prosperity in the lives of people around the world.

We regard our key mission as providing products that satisfy our customers. To that end, drawing on our technological and manufacturing capabilities, we must always respond quickly and flexibly to the changing market environment and provide new value.

OKI Circuit Technology will work to achieve new standards for the performance, functionality, and quality of Printed Circuit Boards, thereby strengthening the added value provided by electronic devices.

Lastly, we plan to achieve our successive goals by maximizing the capabilities of each and every employee, to help us provide products that satisfy the needs of our customers. This is the type of manufacturing company we aspire to be.

As before, we will continue to strive to be a global partner trusted by customers around the world.

Masahiko Morioka
OKI Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.