The advance of electronic-device technologies have caused a number of challenges to surface, including higher speeds and frequencies, more compact, thinner, and lightweight devices, heat resistance, EMC resistance, and environmental resistance. We meet our cusotmers' needs in the field of industrial boards, leveraging the technologies and experience we have accumulated in the manufacture of printed boards for information and communications devices.

Board Solutions

We offer solutions for challenges relating to ultrafast circuits, high-frequency boards, miniaturization, and increasing density.

Design Solutions

We have a proven record designing boards for a wide range of fields, supporting the development of all kinds of electronic devices.

We offer one-stop solutions, including everything from board design and analysis, to board fabrication, to performance evaluation.

  • We support the development of all kinds of boards, with a proven record designing boards for a wide range of fields.
  • We offer high-quality services with a wide selection of simulations and a wealth of design expertise.
  • We consider and propose specifications taking quality, cost, and delivery into account from the design stage.